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1,442 Janine V. Albany, New York United States Nov 29, 2019
1,441 Kim L. Shoreline, Washington USA Nov 26, 2019
1,440 Lynette S. Chatswood, Sydney , NSW Australia Nov 24, 2019
1,439 Katy M. Leudelange, Luxembourg Luxembourg Nov 24, 2019
1,438 Debbie T. Clearwater, Florida United States Nov 24, 2019
1,437 Mary R. Las Cruces, NM USA Nov 23, 2019
1,436 Ferdinand K. Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg Germany Nov 23, 2019
1,435 Ronald H. Los Angeles, CA United States Nov 23, 2019
1,434 Denise L. Woodbridge, NJ United States Nov 21, 2019
1,433 Konstantin K. Stockholm, Select a state Sweden Nov 21, 2019
1,432 Bernadette M. Melbourne , Victoia Australia Nov 20, 2019
1,431 Gayle M. Mississauga, Ontario Canada Nov 20, 2019
1,430 Rowe M. Katoomba, NSW AUSTRALIA Nov 20, 2019
1,429 Lenore H. Arncliffe, NSW Australia Nov 20, 2019
1,428 Heide T. Scarborough, ON Canada Nov 20, 2019
1,427 Dr. Mha Atma S K. Los Angeles, CA United States Nov 20, 2019
1,426 Chie M. Ginowan, Okinawa 日本 Nov 20, 2019
1,425 Juanita M. Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand Nov 20, 2019
1,424 Kevin O. Miami Gardens, Florida United States Nov 20, 2019
1,423 Dr. Joahim E. Noerdlingen, Bavaria Germany Nov 20, 2019
1,422 Irwin H. Laurel , MD USA Nov 20, 2019
1,421 Paddy H. Wincanton , Somerset UK Nov 20, 2019
1,420 Pietro B. Sanem, Canton d'Esch Luxembourg Nov 20, 2019
1,419 Ian D. Putney, Vermont Vermont Nov 20, 2019
1,418 Susan A. New York, NY USA Nov 20, 2019
1,417 Debbie S. Cache, OK United States Nov 20, 2019
1,416 Dahlia C. Montreal, Quebec Canada Nov 20, 2019
1,415 Nat M. Whitefield, Me Usa Nov 20, 2019
1,414 David R. Hollywood, FL US Nov 20, 2019
1,413 Bruce P. Dacula, Georgia United States Nov 20, 2019
1,412 Randal M. Ottawa, Ontario Canada Nov 20, 2019
1,411 Brian S. Mullingar , Co Westmeath Ireland Nov 20, 2019
1,410 Jerome` S. San Diego, CA United States Nov 20, 2019
1,409 Germano B. Washington, DC Estados Unidos Nov 20, 2019
1,408 Samuel D. Fairfield, CA United States Nov 20, 2019
1,407 Patricia D. Detroit , Michigan USA Nov 20, 2019
1,406 Adam B. Phoenix , Arizona United States Nov 20, 2019
1,405 RICHARD K. Wellington, Wellington NZ Nov 20, 2019
1,404 Jodi S. Lawrenceville , New Jersey USA Nov 19, 2019
1,403 Maya G. Tallahassee, Florida USA Nov 19, 2019
1,402 Judy R. Sedgwick, Maine USA Nov 19, 2019
1,401 vilma f. caracas, D.C. Venezuela Nov 19, 2019
1,400 Chandler F. Lumber City, Georgia United States Nov 19, 2019
1,399 Eric C. Fremont, CA United States Nov 19, 2019
1,398 John L. E. Bradenton, FL US Nov 19, 2019
1,397 B N. mississauga, on Canada Nov 19, 2019
1,396 Theresa D. St Paul, Minnesota United States Nov 19, 2019
1,395 Clifford M. Auckland, Auckland New Zealand Nov 19, 2019
1,394 Charles C. Sequim, WA United States Nov 18, 2019
1,393 Rita C. San Francisco, CA United States Nov 18, 2019

Organizational Endorsers

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161 Joseph H. Los Angeles, California United States Party of Communists USA Nov 29, 2019
160 Sue W. Canberra, ACT Australia Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia) Nov 24, 2019
159 Stan S. Chicago, IL United States Chicago ALBA Solidarity Nov 22, 2019
158 JUAN PABLO A. Moca, Espaillar Dominican Republic DOMINICAN UNION OF JOURNALISTS FOR PEACE (UDPP) Nov 20, 2019
157 Antônio B. São Paulo, São Paulo Brazil CEBRAPAZ - Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace Nov 20, 2019
156 Michael K. Jersey City, NJ United States Veterans For Peace/Chapter 021 (Northern New Jersey) Nov 17, 2019
155 Vanessa L. Toronto, Ontario Canada Canadian Voice of Women for Peace Nov 17, 2019
154 Robert S. Daceyville, NSW AU I AM University Nov 16, 2019
153 JOHN L. Limerick, IE Ireland Shannonwatch Nov 16, 2019
152 Carol G. Brick, New Jersey United States NJ State Industrial Union Council Nov 16, 2019
151 Darien D. Des Moines, Iowa US Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Nov 13, 2019
150 Kim B. Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom Socialist Labour Party Nov 13, 2019
149 Renato C. London, London United Kingdom Progresemaj Esperantistoj/Progressive Esperanto-Speakers Nov 13, 2019
148 Leslie S. Ladysmith, British Columbia Canada AskGremlin Research Consultants Nov 13, 2019
147 John R. Granville, MA United States self Nov 13, 2019
146 Janet T. New Castle, PA United States CCSS-Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Nov 13, 2019
145 Lizette L. Copenhagen , Copenhagen Denmark TID TIL FRED - aktiv mod krig Nov 13, 2019
144 Adam V. Portland , Oregon United States Oregon Peace Institute Nov 13, 2019
143 gj J. Louisville, KY United States Mrs. Nov 13, 2019
142 Ben R. Spokane, WA United States The Spokane Ecosocialist Nov 12, 2019
141 Ravi W. Albuquerque, nm United States Albuquerque Center for peace and justice Nov 12, 2019
140 Janet Z. Tucson, AZ United States 9/11 Truth Action Project Nov 12, 2019
139 Monroe J. Shawnee, CA United States International Tribal Association Nov 12, 2019
138 Gary M. South Jordan, UT US Veterans for Peace Chapter 118 Salt Lake City Nov 12, 2019
137 Jim H. Calais, Vermont United States Second Vermont Republic Nov 12, 2019
136 Sally-Alice T. Albuquerque, NM US Fasting against Sanctions and Sieges (FASS) Nov 12, 2019
135 Brigitte Q. Potsdam, Brandenburg Germany Mütter gegen den krieg Berlin-Brandenburg Nov 12, 2019
134 Kenneth B. Accra, N.A. Ghana Consortium Small Scale Miners, Eastern Region, Ghana Nov 12, 2019
133 IADL I. Brussels, Brussels Belgium International Association of Democratic Lawyers Nov 12, 2019
132 Harald R. Trondheim, [Outside US, Canada or AU] Norge 1943 Nov 12, 2019
131 Marie V. Lakewood, CO USA Catholic Network US Nov 12, 2019
130 Kathryn C. Grand Junction, CO United States Grand Junction for Peace Nov 12, 2019
129 Michael C. Madison, Wisconsin United States Pax Christi - Madison WI chapter Nov 12, 2019
128 Marcia H. Viroqua, WI US Kickapoo Peace Circle Nov 12, 2019
127 Richard P. Mableton, GA US Cooperation MetroAtlanta Nov 12, 2019
126 Leonard M. San Marcos, CA US Grand Medicine Nov 12, 2019
125 Dana S. Blue Lake, CA United States Green Party of Humboldt County Nov 12, 2019
124 Jane Leatherman V. Bartlett, TX United States Wilco Justice Alliance (Williamson County, Texas) Nov 11, 2019
123 Melvin Z. Toronto, ON Canada Socialist Caucus, New Democratic Party of Canada Nov 11, 2019
122 Helgaleena H. Madison, WI US White Rabbit Grove RDNA Nov 11, 2019
121 Leslie S. COLUMBIA, MD US Friends of Latin America Nov 11, 2019
120 Vernon H. Lynnwood, WA US Nov 11, 2019
119 Jay L. Takoma Park, MD U.S. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Takoma Park, MD Nov 11, 2019
118 Jim B. Newington, CT United States Veterans For Pea e Chapter 42 Nov 11, 2019
117 Chris S. New Haven, Ct United States New HavenLeon Sister City Project Nov 11, 2019
116 Barbara L. BALTIMORE, MD United States Casa Baltimore Limay Nov 11, 2019
115 Renate D. Darmstadt, Hessen Germany no Organization Nov 10, 2019
114 Victoria M. BROOKLYN, New York United States Peace Action Bay Ridge Nov 10, 2019
113 Julia W. Moscow, Moscow Russia eastconsult OOO Nov 10, 2019
112 Gar S. Berkeley, California USA Environmentalists Against War Nov 09, 2019

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Support the UN Resolution Against Unilateral Coercive Measures

Dear Friends of Peace and Justice in the U.S. and Around the World,

As you are well aware, for decades the U.S. government and its European allies have been illegally using unilateral economic sanctions (“Unilateral Coercive Measures”) as a weapon of war and mass destruction to topple governments that do not submit to the U.S. and European states’ domination of their country. The main objective of these unilateral sanctions is to destroy those small countries’ economies and bring their people to their knees through mass starvation so they will be left with no choice but to revolt against their own government.

This criminal, anti-human policy of targeting defenseless populations, which is in clear violation of United Nations Charter and international law, has now become the new weapon of choice for these powerful states since they are faced with strong opposition from the majority their own population to the endless wars of occupation that they are already involved in. Through these illegal sanctions, these powerful states hope they can achieve their imperialistic goal of “regime change” and domination in a silent, calculated manner without arousing the wrath of their own and international public opinion.

According to some UN reports, there are currently over 33 countries (15 percent of all countries of the world) and dozens of non-state entities that are targeted by these illegal sanctions. Among them are Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, Belarus, and many others, whose population are suffering from hunger, lack of medicine, homelessness and disruption of their educational system and other vital social services. Prior to the invasion of Iraq in 1991, fifteen years of U.S. economic sanctions led to the death of half a million Iraqi children. In Venezuela today, over 40,000 people have died as a result of illegal sanctions and the number is rising daily.

In response to these blatant criminal acts, which are nothing but crime against humanity, the Group of 77 countries + China is submitting a resolution to the General Assembly of the United Nations, which, among other measures:

1. Urges the international community to adopt urgent and effective measures to eliminate the use of unilateral economic, financial or trade measures that are not authorized by relevant organs of the United Nations, that are inconsistent with the principles of international law or the Charter of the United Nations …;

2. Calls upon the international community to condemn and reject the imposition of the use of such measures as a means of political and economic coercion against developing countries …;

(to read the full text of the draft resolution click here)

This proposed resolution is currently being discussed at the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly and the Second Committee will be taking the final vote on it on November 14.

We consider it our paramount responsibility to mobilize massive support for the passage of this resolution by the UN General Assembly. To this end, we have drafted a public letter of support for the resolution to be signed by a massive number of organizations and individuals in the U.S. and around the world to be delivered to the voting session of the UN Second Committee on November 14.

We urge all defenders of peace and justice to sign this letter. We need to collect a large number of signatures in a short period to time. We request that you act urgently.

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